Dr.Elena Eustache

Love & Relationship Expert - Energy Healing

Dr.Elena Eustache Spiritual Coach

Elena Eustache was born in the Czech Republic and today resides in California, USA with her six year old son Naveen Joshua, whose father is the British actor Naveen Andrews.

Dr. Eustache has a PhD in Psychology, and specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy as well as in Neurofeedback a methodology focused on achieving balance through 'brain training'. In addition to this she is also committed to educating others and practicing several other therapies in which she is skilled and certified, through the company she founded, 'Excellence Yuen'. These include the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics discipline; Energy Healing; Dowsing; Feng Shui; Relationship and Communication Coaching; and Spiritual Counselling.

With no association to any particular religion or culture and using the wide range of tools available to her from the disciplines mentioned above, Dr. Elena Eustache has devoted herself to teaching others and helping them become who they are really destined to be. She believes that energetic healing can most definitely be achieved through one's own environment and by communication around love and transformation.

Dr, Elena Eustache offers her clients, who include children and parents, a spiritual development trajectory that she feels is right for their own growth. She believed that it is significant to surpass our ego-based state of perception, not only for our own personal contentment, but as a general approach to solving widespread global conflict.

Elena's focus on healing the self is stimulated by her belief that change begins within a person and triggers transformation in that person's life and environment. She is driven by her dedication to helping others find love and then for them to give it back, as she herself does.

Dr. Elena Eustache understands that unconditional love is not something that simply exists out there for the taking, but can be accessed by making a commitment to healing oneself and fixing a one's own existence. A person is then freed to have real relationships within their careers and in family life. In order to improve one's own self-esteem and be successful, one has to have the commitment to heal and correct their whole way of life.

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